Url Rewriter News

We are proud to announce the first release of Url Rewriter, a fully functioning Url Rewriting engine that contains full support for Apache mod_rewrite syntax. Url Rewriter provides .NET Web Applications with the ability to replace your querystring URLs into short, memorable and meaningful links.

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Our products were born out of the necessity and the need to support our services division. Because of the lack of support, in ASP.NET, for many of the common features web developers have come to know and love. Such as our popular Url Rewriter that is fully Apache mod_rewrite complient.



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Managed Fusion is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States. Our clients are some of the best-run businesses in the world in manufacturing, distribution, retail, financial services and insurance industries. Managed Fusions' consultants and staff are experts in designing, building, marketing and delivering business-driven technology solutions.